North Leominster Rod & Gun Club - April 2, 2014
(Rev Feb 2005)
(Rev Apr 2006)

(Rev Apr 2014)

  1. In accordance with existing club bylaws, the Board of Directors have established the following rules and policies for club operations.  These provisions apply equally to members and guest whenever they are on club property.

    A. Grounds and Buildings:

    1. OFF-ROAD VEHICLES (trail bikes, ATVs, snowmobiles, etc.) AND HORSES are not   permitted on club property, except when they are being used for transportation to and from the club for functions or when used to support supervised club events.

    2. NO LITTERING.  This includes the leaving of trash next to, or piling on top of any full trash container.  If a container is full, please take your trash to the dumpster of discard it in some other manner.  Dumping of personal household or business trash on club property is prohibited.

    3. Club grounds and/or facilities are not available for use for private functions unless approved by the Board of Directors.

    4. CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 13 must be accompanied by and under the direct supervision of an adult, at all times, when on club property.

    5. EYE AND EAR PROTECTION is required on all ranges, except Archery, at all times when shooting is taking place.  That includes those individuals who may be scoring or pulling targets.

    6. Shooters and spectators must obey Club Range Officers at all times.  All persons using club facilities do so at their own risk and peril.  As such, the North Leominster Rod and Gun Club, Inc. assumes no liability for the deliberate or accidental acts of those using their facilities.

    7. The maximum SPEED LIMIT ON CLUB PROPERTY is 15 MPH.

    8. NO SMOKING is allowed in the clubhouse at any times.  A no smoking policy was voted on by a majority of the Board of Directors in 2004.

    9. NO PETS are allowed in the main clubhouse at any time.  Pets on club grounds must be accompanied by their owners and kept under control at all times.

    10. LOADED WEAPONS are not allowed in any building on club property.

    11. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE ALLOWED ON ANY OF THE CLUB RANGES AT ANY TIME.  No one is allowed to use any range or to handle firearms once they are known to have consumed any amount of alcoholic beverages.

    12. The ENTRANCE ROAD GATE must be down and locked at all times, except when the club is open for business with the public (skeet/trap hours, firearms training classes, meetings, etc.).  When you enter/exit club property by using your gate code, please lock the gate behind you.

    B. Archery:

    1. ONLY CLUB MEMBERS AND THEIR GUEST are permitted to use the Archery Range.  Guest are permitted on time use only.

    2. The Archery Range is open from 8:00am to on half hour before sunset daily.

    3. ABSOLUTELY NO FIREARMS or BROADHEAD ARROWS are allowed on the Archery Range.

    4. The Archery Range may be closed for events such as stocked bird hunting.  Signs will be posted to provide notice in advance.

    C. Rifle and Pistol Ranges:

    1. ONLY CLUB MEMBERS AND THEIR GUEST are permitted to use the rifle and pistol ranges.  Guest are permitted one time use only.

    2. ALL FIREARMS MUST BE EMPTY AND CLEARED, with actions open and magazines removed, before anyone goes down range.  No one on the firing line may handle a firearm whenever anyone else is down range.

    3. All FIREARMS MUST BE TREATED AS THOUGH THEY WERE LOADED AT ALL TIMES.  This means that the muzzle must always be in a safe direction.

    4. GLASS AND TRASH MAY NOT BE USED AS TARGETS.  No Steel targets will be used by an individual member.  They may be used for special events with the consent of the Board of Directors on a case by case basis.  Only Non-metallic or similar targets are allowed if you pick them up and dispose of them properly before leaving the range.

    5. FULLY AUTOMATIC WEAPONS ARE  NOT PERMITTED, including static trigger activators.


    7. ALL BULLETS MUST COME TO REST IN THE BACKSTOP.  This means you must fire at targets that are directly in front of an earth beam.  Don't fire at low targets where bullets will glance off the ground and fly over the backstop.  Don't fire into the woods.  Don't fire over the backstop.

    8. Shooters must obey the Range Officer's commands at all times.

    9. The hours of operation of both ranges are from 8:00 am until on half hour before sunset daily.

    10. Shooters must police up all of their expended brass and remove their targets and place them in the designated receptacles provided behind the firing positions.

    11. No center fire rifle may be used on the pistol range; only a 22-caliber rim fire rifle can be used on the 25 and 50 - yard portion of the pistol range.  No rifle (center or rim) fire may be used on the 17 - yard portion of the pistol range.

    12. Shotgun or Muzzle-loader Usage will be regulated to the rules below:

      1. Shotguns using any shot pellets will only be used on the shotgun sight-in area at the 50 - yard pistol range and not on any other portions of the rifle & pistol firing ranges.

      2. Shotguns and muzzle-loaders including inline muzzle loaders using slugs or buckshot may be used on the 50 - yard rifle (any portion) and 100 - yard from the center post to the far right side or the outer portion of the rifle range.

      3. The use of shotguns other that what is outlined on the other portion of the ranges is strictly prohibited.

    D. Trap and Skeet Ranges:

    1. Except for registered shoots and club sponsored shoots, every shooter is responsible for picking up their hulls.  Those shooters not complying with this rule will be surcharged additional monies to defray the repair costs on club equipment damaged by hulls left on the grounds.  Suspension from the club may also be imposed for repeated violations.

    2. Our Trap and Skeet ranges are open to the public on the days and times posting in the clubhouse and at the Skeet Range.  These ranges are open to members only during other than normal operating hours.  Shooters must supply their own equipment and must assume all liability when using the ranges during these period.

    3. The following SAFETY RULES apply at all times:

    1. Guns must be carried with their ACTIONS OPEN.

    2. ACTIONS MUST REMAIN OPEN WHEN GUNS ARE IN GUN RACKS, except for break-open guns.

    3. Guns must be left in gun racks or gun cases when not in use.

    4. Carried guns must be kept pointed in a down range direction.

    5. Do not change position or stations with a shell in the gun.

    6. Do not load your gun unless in position to shoot.  Keep the action open until it is your turn and you are ready to shoot.

    7. SHOTGUNS ONLY on all trap and skeet ranges.  Rifle/pistol shooting is restricted to ranges specifically designated for that type of target shooting.

    8. TARGET LOADS ONLY on all trap and skeet ranges.  SHOT SIZE IS LIMITED TO 7 1/2 OR SMALLER, NO EXCEPTION.

    1. Hours of Operation: Trap and Skeet Ranges are as follows:

    1. Member may use the ranges between 9:00am until 4:00pm whenever a person from the trap or skeet committee is available to run them.

    2. Hours open to the public: 10:00am - 2:00pm on Saturday and Sunday only.

    3. Registered Shoots are on Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00am until completion of scheduled events.

    4. The number and specific dates of registered shoots are determined and authorized by the Massachusetts Amateur Trapshooting Association for Registered Trap Shoots, and by the Massachusetts Skeet Shooting Association for Registered Skeet Shoots.

  2. Anyone observed violating the rules and policies of this club will, be referred to the Board of Directors for appropriate disciplinary action.  Members are encouraged to note the vehicle type and license number of anyone seen violating club rules and to report them to a club officer or director as soon as possible.


Per Order of the Board of Directors